Premiere: Magic Fades – Bobby Ascends + 24 Karat Razor Wire

Excellent news for all those slogging through this life of ours with under-Mythosed corporeal selves: eroti-cyborgian duo Magic Fades’ upcoming new album promises to “re-Mythos the corporeal self in just under a half hour of life cycle”. It’s titled ASMR, which you and I immediately and correctly intuited as standing for Augmented Sapiosexual Misanthropic Relationships, following an excellent run that includes the1080p-facilitated Push Thru and a collaborative full-length with Soul Ipsum. We’ve been blessed with an introductory micro-dose in the form of two tracks to get your various bodily fluids flowing ahead of their discharge at the point of the record’s October 17th release – album opener ‘Bobby Ascends’ transplants a classic Moby sample to a shimmering, glassine soundworld, while ’24 Karat Razor Wire’ carries that sonic sheen over into a dizzying blend of DAW-mediated piano arpeggios and synthetic choir. Listen below and pre-order the release via Parisian label PERMALNK, who are dropping it on a unique and exciting and millennial-relevant ‘USB crystal CARD’ format you’d be a real sissy dummy to not want to own. Our advice? Don’t be sissy or a dummy or a sissy dummy.