The Void – Issue 2


Spring is around the corner, alongside the first golden hours and evenings outdoors. Nights full of music, picnics, adventures – the nights we tell stories about for years to come. And let me tell you, dear readers: we’re ready for it. We’re done cocooning and can’t wait to see your face at the next shows. Trust us. We’ve got one hellva line-up for you to discover and as you soak up the first spring feels.

Spring isn’t all that’s fresh this month. We’re proud to present our freshest copy of The Void. Another blooming publication filled to the brim with unruly talent, crisp surprises and fragments of daily life. Dive into these pages about the wizards from behind the decks and safe-space astronauts. Nights backstage and walks in London parks. Contemporary beauty standards and playlists for when you’re stuck at the airport.