Sprout Issue 4 – Resource

Issue 4 – Resource

Published by Subbacultcha
In collaboration with San Serriffe

Approximate reading time: 37 minutes and 30 seconds

This issue of Sprout explores resource.

Bound by transience and brevity. Sow, handle and apply with intensive thought and deep care.

“The clear water’s surface reflects growth…”
“… the wind is blowing again.”

For issue 4 of Sprout we asked some people to share their understanding and perception of ‘resource’. We thank them for their reflections.

in this issue of Sprout you will find

1. Cover drawings by Arvo Leo
2. Resource by Maxime Garcia Diaz
3. An Interview with Mabe Fratti by Emma van Meyeren
4. Deep Pockets by Angelica Falkeling

Printed at Terry Bleu

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