Sprout Issue 0 – Comfort


Issue 0 – Comfort
March, 2021

Approximate reading time: 30 minutes and 36 seconds

Published by Subbacultcha
In collaboration with San Serriffe
Financed by our loyal members, many thanks to you

Sprout is a zine for some non-distract reading and fully-distract daydreaming. A pamphlet for the Sunday afternoon. Sprout will be issued monthly and will explore a particular theme. Each issue gives home to an illustration, an opinion piece, an interview and a story of fiction that will be curated by San Serriffe.

This issue of Sprout explores comfort.

As we have been told, comfort is a luxury. It comes and goes with the blast beats of our winds. It can be the reason for price differentiation in the businessclass of train and aeroplane. It can be a physical space filled to the roof with warmth, soft textures and no clocks on the wall. A pasture pleasantly balmed by the fervor of the sun. It can appear in the form of a zone. A haven one could step in and out of. An antidote to its antonym. A cultivation of oneself. A conversation and exchange with the other. Can comfort be captured? Catch it, cage it and cling onto it for the rest of your days. Or does one need to merely greet it, and hope to start forging a long lasting relationship with it, if time and circumstance will allow?

For issue 0 of Sprout we asked a modest amount of people who inspire us to reflect on their notion of comfort, equipped with the medium that they are accustomed to. We thank them for sharing their frames of reference with us and with you.

in this issue of Sprout you will find
1. Cover Illustration by Bernice Nauta
2. On Comfort for Sprout by Valkan Dechev
3. An Interview with Smerz by Sydney van Nieuwaal
4. The Last Jazz Bar in Stress Town by Aidan Wall

Printed at Terry Bleu

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