Down the Rabbit Hole 2019 Festival Guide

Step into the world of Down The Rabbit Hole and leave everything you know at the cascading gate. This year’s edition is guaranteed to warp your mind and propel you into new adventures at each turn. As you scamper from stage to stage – from the likes of Underworld to Grace Jones, ambassador extraordinaire Ronnie Flex to tomorrow’s icons in the make – discover cosmic galaxies and a blinged out Miami along the way. Double take that alligator lurking by the swampy grounds and find bliss in a garden of euphoric proportions. This festival guide holds all you need to know – it brings interviews, timetables and maps into the fold to help you on your way.

Editor: Roxy Merrell
Art director: Tjade Bouma
Printed by Damen Drukkers
June 2019