The World After: Conversation Pieces

19 Sep - 3 Jan - Oude Kerk
€12 - Free for members

They unify us,
Help us understand,
And teach us to cope with all the unknowns and knowns before us.

Oude Kerk is extending a conversation that began with Mister Motley and 13 local artists, to us, from the 19th of September until the 3rd of January. As Amsterdam’s oldest building, Oude Kerk is a space with inconceivable history; its walls have seen it all, including very recent pieces of our history.

The World After: Conversation Pieces is an exhibition formed by Oude Kerk in collaboration with Mister Motley. What will the post-Covid-19 world look like? What are the challenges, what opportunities will arise? These questions are the skeleton of the whole exhibition and are what the artists reacted to in the form of short films. The videos are installed throughout the church and visitors get to discover this new layer to our lives, while exploring the historic building and all of its beautiful intricacies. Together we will form part of the same conversation.

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