Jimmy Whispers + The Homesick

14 August - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
20.00 - €8 - Free for members

Purple Noise Record Club x Subbacultcha Present

Jimmy Whispers is kind of like a modern day Jesus. He’s very sensitive, has long hair and has agreed to spend his summer in pain so we don’t have to. Here’s to hoping that Jimmy will also bring his water-into-wine-or-perhaps-something-stronger-like-a-long-island-ice-tea skills to the party. It seems like nowadays whenever you turn around or check your phone or open the fridge there’s Elias Elgersma expectantly staring you in the eyes. However that’s arguably better than finding spider eggs in a jar of peanut butter, or waking up with someone’s chode poking your forehead, we also kind of wish to be alone sometimes. Plus, if you’re really that homesick, just stay in Dokkum for once. LOL JK we <3 u Elias 😀

Jimmy Whispers

The Homesick