Sanctified Serums

3 May - Subbacultcha HQ, Amsterdam
15:00 - 17:00 - Free for all

Our artist in residence Hannah Polak invites you to join her in a spiritual quest for salvation.

Polak has been in our project space for a month now, researching different concepts of the self,  reinventing what it means to be human being. Initially starting off in glittering cloud of pixie dust and uplifting Disney songs, she has now shifted the setting of her project to more raw human environments. 

On 3 May she invites everyone to join her in her work space, where she has manufactured various serums for any kind of spiritual salvation one might be looking for, and set the mood just right for a transcending experience of silent surrender.

The menu:
Roaring Angel Piss
Let’s turn to Whitney ‘cause she’s dead
Hooker Elixer
Open your eyes and see fairies

hannah polak

hannah polak serum