Raven Artson + De Rivier

2 June - Melkweg, Amsterdam
20.00 - €17,80 - Free for members

On the 2nd of June Raven Artson will be performing at the Melkweg to celebrate the release for his upcoming album Transformia.

As a versatile artist and multihyphenate, Raven dives deep into his artistic growth, resulting in a sound that is extraterrestrial and at the same time very human. Raven describes his creative process as an “interest in the coexistence of ideas” and the result is a vibe that is hard to grasp but captivating nonetheless. It’s a mix of slow-motion hyper pop and tear-dripping auto-tune that takes the listener on a dreamy and floating journey.

All free spots for Subbacultcha members are unfortunately taken. Ticket can still be purchased here.

Raven Artson

De Rivier