20 April - OT301, Amsterdam
21.30 - €9 pre-sale / €11 door-sale

“Pendulum is for each Other and celebration of the Now. A medium through which our manifold sounds can propagate. Let’s not be alone anymore. Lets dance together, spinning in circles, if you’d like that.”  Live-performances, DJ-sets or hybrid way—on the 20th of April the OT will be filled to the brim with experimental sounds. Explore the program below.

All members spots have unfortunately been taken. Tickets for the release party can still be purchased here.

This is event is co-hosted with corecore.

Dasychira (live)

Apu Nanu (live)

Alex Compton (DJ)

Mage Sindral (live)


Astor (live)

Minoyimn (DJ)


Flotsam (live)