OA/AO (onder andere/among others)

13 June - De Appel, Amsterdam
18.00 - Free for all

We’re joining forces with De Appel Curatorial Programme 2017/18 for the third event of OA/AO (Onder Andere/Among Others), a monthly series of screenings, presentations, and conversations at De Appel, focusing around a single work or object.

The night holds promises of performances, discussions, interventions and presentations in shifts between each curator, based on the research of 10 months surrounding the themes of Conflict, Joy and Slowness. As for the evening program – DJ sets by Luay Al Derazi and Juha followed by Negroma’s live performance Body Memory. The Brazillian artist, who currently resides in Berlin, generates hybrid amalgams of performance infused with experimental music, taking over the world’s club and art scene by storm. Breaking conventional spectrums through a demanding and multifaceted exploration of gender and sexuality, Negroma will charge us up with transformative energy that outlives any straightforward party or club night.

Check here for more information about the full program.