No Joy + Tomorrow’s Tulips

22 May - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
20.30 - €8 - Free for members

Ah, it’s springtime. The sky is blue, the air smells fresh and temperatures start rising. It also marks an important transition in your wardrobe: pants become shorts, woolen overcoats become, uh, mesh tank tops?

Well whatever you feel like wearing, please hold off on the sandals ‘n socks combo for this evening. You might want to pick something something a little more snazzy to wear on your feet, cause you’re gonna be looking at them a lot while No Joy plays. Besides literally gazing at shoes, the Canadian girls are currently touring with their upcoming album More Faithful, the follow up of 2013’s Wait To Pleasure. Supporting No Joy, and keeping up with the springtime theme, we have Tomorrow’s Tulips. Conveniently located between today’s clogs, next week’s Gouda cheese and yesterday’s windmills, these two Californian dudes wouldn’t look out of place starring next to Pauly Shore in a sequel to the 1996 comedy classic Bio-Dome.

No Joy

Tomorrow’s Tulips