16 August - Melkweg, Amsterdam
19.30 - €13 - Free for members

Subbacultcha and Melkweg Present

The career of Copenhagen’s Iceage began when the young Vikings were barely out of their teens and released their debut album New Brigade in early 2011. After Pitchfork’s careful ear caught attention of the Danish quartet, the path was set for Iceage to follow on. Followed by the even more raw & punk You’re Nothing (2013) in sound, Iceage took a more alternative turn with Plowing Into The Field of Love with their third full length release last year. We’ve seen Iceage numerous times before, whether it’s been at our own show, Grauzone, Incubate or Le Guess Who? festival, but we’re always eager for more. Make space for Nordic nihilism and loud punk rock because that’s what you’ll get.