Hommybird Album Release Party: Onder Een Kleine Ster

18 April - Garage Noord, Amsterdam
21.00 - €7,50

Our dear friend and art-pop artist Hommybird celebrates the release of his upcoming album, Onder Een Kleine Ster. The project overflows with melancholy and heartache, yet it never forgets its youthful playfulness. 80’s drum computers, reverb-drenched saxophone and auto-tuned croons. For the occasion Hommy has invited friends and collaborators to share the stage with him. Performance- and sound artist Boris de Klerk and multi-media artist Elvira del Rocío (who designed the album cover for Onder Een Kleine Ster!) will both present brand new music. DJ sets by 2250 Collective before, between and after performances.

All members spots have unfortunately been taken. Tickets for the release party can still be purchased here


Boris de Klerk

Elvira del Rocío