Grand Prix + Cousin + Vio DJ

10 August - De Nieuwe Anita
20.00 - €8 - Free for members

Honestly, who can wait two more years for the Summer Olympics and afford to travel all the way to Tokyo to attend them in 2020?!

We can’t, and that’s why we’re organising our very own Olympic games this August. Grand Prix – Danish prince of the synth-pop underground – is the star of the event. He enchants with a charisma reminiscent of Ancient Greek heroes, but it is his music that enthuses vigorous search for grandeur, beauty and love in our world. Grand Prix’s one-man show is a modern statement on seemingly archaic human struggles – victory against defeat, fear over bravery; and the Copenhagen-based musical artist does awaken the innate Achilles in his growing pack of heroes-in-the-making.

Grand Prix