Garage w/ ADAB, Ezri Jade, Yung Libaraci, Zobayda

9 September - Garage Noord, Amsterdam
00.00 - €15 - Free for members

We would like to invite you to come party with us at Garage Noord this Friday. The venue has gathered a collection of local and international acts with wide-ranging sets that are bound to have your weekend get off to a good start, while also taking you across borders sonically. Scroll down to see the program.

Tickets are free for Subbacultcha members (limited number) and €15,- for non-members. Please make a reservation by sending an email to with ‘Garage’ in the subject line + your name in the email. Otherwise, tickets can be purchased at the door. We update the RSVP list every Wednesday.


ADAB, a DJ and visual artist from Cleveland who now calls Pittsburgh home, started honing their craft after visiting influential queer club night In Training. They later co-founded the night Heaven Is in You and joined Eris Drew’s Motherbeat party series. Adab shares their name with Islamic concepts concerning etiquette and practice. Their musical palette is frequently what sets them apart; they established themselves in Cleveland by spinning a wide range of music (house, techno, beats, etc.) and venues.

Ezri Jade

Guyanese/Dutch DJ and all-around artist, Ezri Jade will be joining us. Her music has an Afro-Caribbean foundation that was inspired by her heritage. With Afro-Caribbean sounds as her starting points, she then looks outward to what sonic treasures the diaspora has to offer. Ezri Jade frequently draws inspiration from global rhythms and eclectic music. As a result, she explores the diasporic club sounds and seamlessly weaves them together.


The professional dance, rapper and Dj YungLiberaci will be gracing us with their presence as well. This multi-hyphenate is known for their sonic melange of house, techno, and electro hip hop. 


This next multi-hyphenate comes in the form of Zobayda, adj, photographer, producer, and director. Their sets can be described to contain everything, however, to be more concise their DJ sets contain all sorts of electronic offerings. Just expect them to be punchy, high energy and rapturing.