Frozen Margaveza’s by Jan Schenk w/ Petersburg + Global Charming

3 January - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
20.00 - €9 - Free for members

It’s cold, dark and grey. After these warm holidays, the gloomy feeling returns. So, say yes to colors, cocktails, love and a mix frozen Margarita’s and cerveza. A foretaste to the immenent. Featuring performances of the lovely Global Charming & Petersburg.

Jan Schenk has recorded some highly relevant albums for some highly relevant bands (think: Homesick, Canshaker Pie, Petersburg, Global Charming, MICH & Mozes and the Firstborn). 10 years ago, Jan stumbled upon a particular kind of drink and has been wanting to introduce it to Amsterdam ever since. So, for the new year and the new decade we’re having a drink. A Frozen Margaveza.

Global Charming

Music yet to be released!