Dusty Cabinets #6

13 April - De Sering, Amsterdam
22.00 - €16,90 - Free for members

The next episode in Dusty Cabinets‘ second season blends fresh and earthy flavours in an organic celebration of the long tradition of Jamaican-influenced music, as you’ve come to expect: on the boomin’ Krackfree Soundsystem.

The music of Chillera, a trio from Odessa, enchanted us with its simplicity and rawness. They play “bluntly from the heart, unexpurgated spicy dub music without a single synthesizer, only a duo of bass and electric guitars in company with percussion”. Oxman, who’s an institution in London’s reggae scene, closes off the dances. He’s well known internationally for his involvement in Dub Vendor and the Soul Jazz crew. His history goes deep, and so does his record bag. It’s not easy to find someone with a finer selection, or a more bewitching charisma on the mic. Warming up will be SOW’s co-founder and Dusty Cabinets resident, Camille Maria.

All Subbacultcha spots are unfortunately taken. There are still regular tickets left here!

 Chillera (live)


Camille Maria