Drahla + spullen

5 May - Cinetol, Amsterdam
20.00 - 15,- + 0,60 service costs

On May 5th Subbacultcha and Cinetol welcome the art-rock band Drahla with their angeltape tour after their long awaited hiatus.

Their new record angeltape eschews conventional melodic structures and embrace uncertainty across their latest material which gives fans an unfiltered insight into a challenging transitional period the band found themselves in following the release of their 2019 critically acclaimed debut, Useless Coordinates. Drawing some inspiration from experimental rock band This Heat, Drahla primarily found that their greatest motivation came from listening to and following one another throughout the recording sessions. “I think the process and inspiration for this album has been way more experimental and insular than taking on any external musical references,” says Brown, “This record feels like it was built on a foundation of insular inspiration.” This autonomous practice extends beyond Drahla’s music into the visual representation of their intense and immersive instrumentation. It’s almost impossible to listen to songs as intricately layered – musically and lyrically– as theirs and not imagine the spaces they exist within.

Local rising band spullen will support Drahla this evening with their search “for meaning in the clutter of sound they encounter.” Drawing inspiration from minimal synth, no wave, opera and dub the band is shaping its own distinctive sound. In the words of spullen: “Hoarders never lose anything, so embrace the noise of your surroundings.”

Hear Drahla’s awe-striking multi-sensory experience and spullen’s mash-up of (g)olden sounds on May 5th at our friends of Cinetol.

Tickets for are free for Subbacultcha members and €15 for non-members. Please make a reservation by sending an email to with ‘Drahla’ in the subject line + your name in the email. Tickets can be purchased here