Draaimolen 2021

This Is Not Draaimolen Festival 2021: Djrum, Eartheater, Marilu Donovan & Interstellar Funk

15 September - MOB-Complex, Tilburg
20.00-23.00 - €25 - Free for members

This swirling summer, we’ve teamed up with Draaimolen Festival for their beautiful concert series in The Chapel.

On the 15th of September The Chapel will stage three unique concerts; Djrum, Eartheater with Marilu Donovan & Interstellar Funk. Interstellar Funk will premiere his inaugural live show – towering and morphing layers of synthesizers and drum machines. Djrum will perform a cathartic live performance, accompanied by cello and vocals. Eartheater, with Marilu Donovan on harp, will present the psychedelic and lush Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin in a live-iteration.

Subbacultcha members get free access to this show. Members can get a free ticket by writing an email to mailinglist@subbacultcha.nl, with ‘Djrum’ in the subject line. Not a member? Purchase a ticket here or sign up for a membership here.

If you would like to sleep-over in Tilburg; Stadscamping Tilburg has reserved plenty of spots for Draaimolen visitors to camp for a night.



Marilu Donovan

Interstellar Funk