Come Subba With Us, Zaffjan & Passion DEEZ

21 July - s105, Amsterdam
18.00 - €15 - Free for members

We are radiating with joy to invite you to the s105 this summer. In the summer of 2021, we will open up s105’s big wooden doors every other Wednesday to host a small dinner, live music and DJ performances. For our third gathering we will invite you, Zaffjan & Passion DEEZ.

Given the recent rise in covid infections and the new governmental measures in reaction – we would like to stress and add some measures of our own. With these measures in place we can continue to invite you to events where we can protect the safety and health of our visitors, staff and artists. To protect everyone’s safety – please read our guidelines via the link in our bio before attending the event. Find our guidelines here.

We will serve you a soup, made with help of Theo, of Theo’s Tuin – a small-scale garden that cultivates with respect to people and environment. We will cook you a soup with greens and vegetables that Theo didn’t sell at the market that week – fighting against waste. The soup is on us and Theo. The soup will be served with sourdough baguette from the RISE Bakery – a bakery and coffee shop located at the Albert Cuypstraat 208.

Thirsty? You can get a cocktail that’ll fit right in with the soup of that week, made with syrup of Roze Bunker – a team of ‘fruit butchers’ who create different soda’s in syrup form on their mission to fight waste and an unsustainable / inefficient distribution system of water in the soft-drink industry.

Tickets are free for Subbacultcha members and €15,- for non-members. Please make a reservation by sending an email to with ‘Zaffjan’ in the subject line + your name in the email.


Zaffjan is a music project by Amsterdam-based German-Slovene musician and artist Fabijan Reichle. Zaffjan’s music connects “kitsch Synths with R&B influenced drums, catchy hooks and cheesy lyrics that weirdly enough, depict actual emotional states of a Millenial.” In his songs he allows himself to talk about date fails, unrequited love, but he conjointly addresses the annoying cheap perfume of a passerby or delusional wishes for the future.

“I’ve been overdosing on clichée empty phrases for a long time, and have been quite contemptuous towards chart pop before writing songs myself in 2015. This hate within me was quite confronting. So I decided to find a new approach to the use of words in my songs. Making pop music has made it much easier for me to embrace words to describe downs, highs, losses and wins. Are you ready for it?“ – Zaffjan

Passion DEEZ

Open-format selector Passion DEEZ blends and brews electronic sounds – always bound by a pulse. 2-step, Garage, Grime and plenty of breaks, with a big heart for 00s R&B and Hip-Hop. DEEZ has left his pirate radio days behind, and has set sail in search of widening and expanding his musical palette.