FW 2020

We miss you, but the safety and health of our community are at the top of our priorities right now.

We’re employing our project space, the s105, with the objective of bringing people together under the same roof, where a safe environment is reassured as much as possible. A place that aims to be comfortable, yet ever-changing. In this framework, we will be able to invite you to events again. The result is that the s105 is slowly growing outside of the walls as you’ve known them. Our brick and mortar are shifting along with Subbacultcha as a whole. While our feet stay anchored on the highway exit of city route 105, we’re evolving our project space into something where we can keep bringing people together.

The s105 is an ever-evolving fundament from/on which voices, thoughts and moments can bounce and echo on. With health and freedom at stake, we decided to give the walls a different color.

We’ve changed the following:
– Collective seating, with 1,5 meters of distance guaranteed
– Pleasantly-smelling hand sanitizer, all over the place
– A new entrance, enabling a safer flow of audience in the building
– A new toilet, enabling a safer flow of audience in the building
– A walking route, guaranteeing 1.5 meters of distance
– Protection screens for bar and box office
– Free face masks, for when you might have forgotten yours

What we ask from you:
– Make sure to keep 1,5 meters of distance from each other at all times, except if you’re members of the same household
– Please wash your hands when entering the s105
– Please wash your hands when exiting the s105
– Please bring your own face mask and wear it when not seated
– If you’re experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, we ask you kindly not to come
– If you’re planning on undertaking a COVID-19 test or if you’re still waiting on your COVID-19 test results, we ask you kindly not to come
– Please be considerate of yourself and others

Other than the pragmatic framework sketched above, we ask you to read and agree on the following terms and conditions:

We are committed to equality by valuing and welcoming people of all different backgrounds. This means there is no space for xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, or any other hateful behaviours in our space, at our events in other spaces and in our online spheres. We exist and interact in a world where such behaviours exist, or even worse, are tolerated.

Coming into our space means that you acknowledge, respect and facilitate the freedom of expression and identity of others.

We will practice a constant effort to foster such an environment that’s as safe as possible, within the resources we have at our disposal. We’re aware of our blind spots which means that we’re always open for critique, remarks and suggestions. We hope you feel free and comfortable to approach us personally or to reach out to us via our online resources (mail, private messages, comment sections). If not, we’re working on a way to create an anonymous communication channel as well.

It’s our promise to you, to our members, to the artists we collaborate with, and to the art that we celebrate. And it’s only fair that we ask the same of you when entering one of our spaces. Flutter in and out as you please; stay, engage, dance, don’t dance, just embrace (figuratively) the people and art around you with an open heart. Share your awe because together we can become what we hope the rest of our communities to be like. Let’s promise each other to, lovingly and respectfully, experience and, optionally, engage.