Fall / Winter 2021

We’re employing our project space, the s105, with the objective of bringing people together under the same roof or in the same garden, where a safe environment is reassured as much as possible. A place that aims to be comfortable, yet capable of change. We hope the s105 can be an ever-evolving fundament from/on which voices, thoughts and moments can bounce and echo on.

There is no space for xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, or any other hateful behaviour in our space, at our events in other spaces and in our online spheres. We sadly exist and interact in a world where such behaviours exist, or even worse, are tolerated. Coming into our space means that you acknowledge, respect and facilitate the freedom of expression and identity of others.

We will practice a constant effort to foster such an environment that’s as safe as possible, within the resources we have at our disposal. We’re aware that we have blind spots. We’re always open for critique, remarks and suggestions. We hope you feel free and comfortable to approach us personally or to reach out to us via our online resources (mail, private messages, comment sections, anonymous communication channel).