Aldous RH + Das Bisschen Totschlag

10 December - Butcher's Tears, Amsterdam
20.00 - €8 - Free for members

Prepare your most secret funky and sexy moves for Aldous RH, the solo project of the Egyptian Hip Hop frontman Alexander Aldous Robinson Hewett. The singles ‘Feelin’ Blue’ and ‘Birdlife’, out this year on Handsome Dad Records, have anticipated Aldous’ glossy, lo-fi pop psychedelic sounds: a mix of woozy 70s’ synth-soul beats. His songs vibrate with the singer’s personality, recalling Aldous’ hometown Manchester and the beautiful Californian hills of Los Angeles where he spent the summer. Forget the melancholic titles, we all feel blue sometimes. His music transmits a sense of joy and positivity breaking free from rules and constraints, just like a bird. The Amsterdam based trio Das Bisschen Totschlag will come in support, singing about the beauty of vulnerability in today’s Digital Age.

Aldous RH

Das Bisschen Totschlag