ADE Playground: pre-screening // Beats

20 October - Studio/K, Amsterdam
17:00 - €10,50 - Free for members

In collaboration with Studio/K, we’re hosting a pre-screening of the film Beats. In the mid-1990s, the United Kingdom was overrun by raves: illegal parties with heavy beats and an endless supply of drugs. The Criminal Justice Bill introduced by the government in 1994 criminalised ‘gathering around repetitive beats’. This led to massive protests and even more raves.

Against that background, Beats showcases the unlikely friendship between teens Spanner and Johnno in a Scottish town. The first is living with his criminal brother, the other is facing a move to a new town with his family and his potential new stepfather, who happens to be a cop. On their last night out, the two friends steal cash from Spanner’s brother and journey into an underworld of anarchy, freedom and collision with the forces of law and order. This universal story of friendship, rebellion and the irresistible power of gathered youth, is set to a soundtrack as eclectic and electrifying as the scene it gave birth to.


Want to be sure of a spot? Reservations 📞020 – 692 04 22