Festival Focus

FIBER Festival 2023

For its 2023 festival edition, FIBER takes the theme of Fragments under their loop. This year’s angle invokes thoughts of decay as well as construction and arrangement. “Fragments invites you to reassemble a new understanding of our surroundings and identities”, encourages FIBER. “The theme acts as a collection of lenses, frequencies, vectors, and objects through which we explore contemporary developments in art, music, technology, and ecology – all in relation to a technologically-disorientated human mind and precarious state of the world due to climate collapse.”

We’d like to present you some of the fragments and pieces in the whirling program that stand out to us. Explore the full line-up– brimming of performances, exhibitions and talks—here.

Opening Concert
Thursday 11 May
at Concertgebouw

Entrée and FIBER present an evening exploring the crossover of classical and contemporary electronic music. “The focus of the evening is on interdisciplinary compositions in which arrangements and enrichments of acoustic instruments or vocals with technological expression are merged.” On the program: sonic diaries by Perila, Alliyah Enyo’s layered tape loops and the Amsterdam premiere of a collaboration between composer Aleksandra Słyż, cellist Judith Hamann and saxophonist Gerard Lebik.

There are limited free tickets for Subbacultcha members for the Opening Night. More info here.

Puce Mary
Friday 12 May
at Noordwaards

The musical output of Puce Mary—the moniker of Frederikke Hofmeier—has been ringing in our ears. The easiest wat to put it is that the composer and sound artist creates gripping and grueling music. But, that’s a deficient description. Whether it’s the cinematic The Droughtdocumenting a psychological famineor her earlier blistering tape releases on Posh Isolation, the sounds crawl under your skin. Unnerving and frightening, but, above all, cathartic.

Hüma Utku: The Psychologist (Live AV)
Friday 12 May
at Noordwaards

Hüma Utku explores the possibilities of how sound textures and rhythm can be used to evoke a sense of ancient within advanced electronic music. Utku will present her latest album, released on Editions Mego, entitled The Psychologist. As alluded in its title: the record is built up of a series of sonic essays on psychological phenomena. The music composer and Psychology graduate stacks field recordings, spoken word, Buchla recordings and pummeling techno to dramatic heights. “The results unravel with both the clockwork rhythms of the human body and the unpredictable nature of the psyche, the pieces follow arrhythmic patterns in a harmonious way.” For FIBER Festival 2023, Utku will present the album in a live audiovisual format. Have a listen here.

Aimée Theriot-Ramos
Friday 12 May
at Noordwaards

Artistic researcher and musician Aimée Theriot-Ramos will open the Music & Performance night of Fiber 2023. Theriot-Ramos performs on electric cello, running the signal through software to edit, enrich and alter. Theriot-Ramos is co-host of The Social Music Club: (guided) improvisation and sound experiments for musicians and non-musicians, and aux): a collective, run by students and alumni of Sandberg Institute and Rietveld Academie, with the aim to “question the contemporary domination of image over sound and to intervene with vision-dependent frames of making and knowing.”

Club Night
Saturday 13 May
at Garage Noord

Adrenaline pumping club night at Garage Noord. With Assyouti, Happy New Tears, LCY, Mbodj, Know V.A. Teqmun and Monster. Dive in!

Saturday 13 May + Sunday 14 May
at De Brakke Grond

The two-day symposium of FIBER consists of lectures, interviews, listening sessions and panel discussions. “Get to know the work of leading and emerging artists, designers, musicians and researchers. In what ways do they relate their practice and performances to innovative technological developments and pressing environmental, social and cultural issues?” With Aimée Theriot-Ramos, Aditi Srivastava, Alice Yuan Zhang, Helen Pritchard, Jordan Edge, Sean Cubitt, Studio Above&Below and Toby Kiers | SPUN.

FIBER Festival
FIBER Festival is an Amsterdam based meeting place for everyone interested in contemporary audiovisual art, daring conversations and experimental electronic music. With its 8th edition FIBER invites a curious audience to explore a multi-sensory programme that reimagines the relationships between humans, technology and a radically changing world.
Learn more about FIBER and FIBER Festival 2023 here.