Himera – ‘Sharing Secrets’

Out now:

Experience Himera’s ‘Sharing Secrets’ live at the s105, together with Bby Eco & Aj simons on Wednesday, the 7th of September. More info here.

Released September 4, 2022, on unseelie.
Music written, produced, and mixed by Himera
“Kiss” written by Himera, Hannah Diamond and Oscar Pollock
“Taco” written by Himera and Tohji
“Pose!” written by Himera and Golin
“You Make It Look So Easy (S.M.I.L.E.Y)” written by Himera and Petal Supply
“Faint” written by Himera and Instupendo
Mastered by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier
Artwork by Otso Reitala

Tidy, I rest my shoes by the creek,
Meadows and twigs under my feet.

I followed along
A pathway less travelled;
A secret, a song and
A story unravelled.

Amongst all the flora
And petals galore,
Was shining an aura –
Along the lakeshore.

A box has been laying here,
Under a tree.
You made it quite clear
That You left it for me.

As I bent on one knee,
As I twisted the key,
And I carefully looked inside,
I knew You thought of me.
As I opened I’d seen
All the memories that you’ve kept inside.

The secrets I share,
And the joy that You bring;
And the breath of fresh air
In the words that You sing;
And Your love, and Your care,
Is a beautiful thing.

And again, and again,
As I tie my shoestring,
I remember you’re here.