Festival Focus

Dour Festival


This year, Dour Festival bursts open their regular structure for Dour XXL. Aside from their regular festival, which they’ve hosted since 1988 (!), Dour extends their program with two days and a new experience; CampFest – a collection of mini-festivals on the camping, preceding the regular festival. Because of this year’s sheer size, we’d like to highlight five acts in the program to guide you through Dour XXL.

black midi

Rock outfit black midi traverse through a chain of rock-subgenres, in daring and creative ways. Jumping over musical conventions as if it were a hurdling race. They first turned heads with their debut record, Schlagenheim, presenting their take on math and noise rock. Last year, they went all out avant-prog and jazz rock on Cavalcade. And just a couple of days before they grace the stage on Dour, their next album Hellfire will be released. Based on its lead single ‘Welcome to Hell’ it’s only getting more brutal from hereon.


“Just Because It’s a Funeral Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Rave” is just one example of the many great track titles (and equally great tracks) by Crystallmess. The piece starts cloudy and contemplative, but grows thumping and invigorating while one drifts off in thought.  Crystallmess is the musical project by Christelle Oyiri, who works across a broad yet interconnected spectrum of methods. That particular track was one of the first musical outings many people heard from the her. Yet, that song alone hints towards Oyiri’s comprehensive approach, who produces, DJ’s, writes and works with mixed media.

Erika de Casier

Erika de Casier’s music is a one-way time-travel portal. The portal is to be found here, in 2022, but through it seep sounds and rhythms of ’90s and ’00s R&B and pop. Erika channels those elements and rearranges them in reticent, captivating bangers. Feathery and powerful, fun and bittersweetly emotional. Dive in to feel this fine line Erika is walking so gracefully yourself.


Unfortunately, we haven’t got the chance to put Shygirl’s Alias EP tot the test on the dance floor. That is until now, of course. Rave stabs, tight flows and a lot of 4×4. All set in the decor of a futuristic nightclub. The air is thick with echoes of Dizzee Rascal ‘Bonkers-era’ bass and productions of Sega Bodega, Kai Whiston and SOPHIE.


Last October Oklou’s show in Amsterdam resulted in a line across the block of the OT301. If you havent’ got the chance to see her back then, make sure to grab it now. Her debut, Galore, plays as a subdued collection of electronic lullabies. Quiet yet cinematic; hazy but beautiful dreams. Evoking wanders through deep forests, resting by the campfire or slow-motion night rides. Futuristic digitalized fantasies, nested in mystique.

Dour Festival 2022 takes places from 13 – 17 July, in Dour, Belgium. Dour CampFest precedes the festival, from July 11th until the 13th. Find more info on Dour 2022 here.