Roze Bunker

Illustrations by Mélanie Corre

Every other Wednesday in the s105 this summer, at ‘Come Subba With Us’, we pour our visitors a cocktail or two. We want to ask you to take a proverbial sip, and taste a particular ingredient; the syrup. All cocktails are made with syrup of Roze Bunker. We can’t thank them enough for supporting our summer program, so we would like to introduce you to them, and their explosive flavours.

The team of Roze Bunker named themselves ‘fruit-butchers’. Their mission ignited from a collective perplexity over the unsustainable and inefficient distribution system in the soft-drink industry. The Roze Bunker have set up a system in which they create a myriad of sodas in syrup form – fighting against waste, the superflous use and transport of water & unnecessary cooling and packaging.

They figured; why pour up all those truckloads of bottles with water, if people can add it at home themselves? When you add water straight from your tap, a single bottle of highly concentrated Roze Bunker soda-syrup can serve the same amount of soda as an entire crate. Roze Bunkers’ syrups are made solely from pure fruit and herbs – harvested from farmland directly or rescued from the container. “We produce locally, organically, good for biodiversity, circularly, against overconsumption, against ‘waste’ flows”.

Get to know some of their flavours, which we use for our cocktails, below:

“Gekke Bessen”

“Gekke Bessen”, or “Crazy Berries” is an ode to the full spectrum of the Dutch berry world. Showcasing its explosive collective flavour, but also trying to allow their nuances to pop. Its ingredients are Aalbes, raspberry, blackberry leaf, lime and beetroot.

“Madame Gember”

Flaming, alleviating and invigorating. How? By the tinging ginger and the fruity, fiery Madame Jeanette – that are both soothed by fresh lime and lemon. Madam Gember can you refresh you on a scorching summer day, or arise and awake you from your after-dinner-dip. Its ingredients are ginger, Madame Jeanette, kurkuma, lime, lemon and beetroot.

“Citrus Basilicum”

This syrup is Roze Bunkers’ epitome of limiting waste to a bare minimum. When juices have been extracted, all peels and other remnants will go back in the lab to find a proper destination. The lemon peels, for instance, go straight to the local limoncello maker. Other terminals are soap, candy, jam, candy bars, liqueur, or biofuel. The syrup is made of lemon juice, basil, lime leaf, lime juice and beetroot.

Visit the website of Roze Bunker here to learn more about their story, their mission, and their explosive syrups.