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Collectible: Killian Butler

For Subbacultcha Collectibles every week an artist will create, in response to the artists that preceded. Creating a chain of art. For you to see, listen and feel.

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The ninth link in the chain is a print by Killian Butler in response to Dirk de Gram: “Hothouse, 2020”.

Subbacultcha members get access to the print in the online collection!

“Having looked at Dirk’s work and researched into the original work by Charles and Ray Eames I began to think about the irony that became apparent in a letter Charles had written where he mentions that they had originally declined the project but changed their minds as it was intended to promote the conservation of natural resources and that this was something that deserved their time. The toy was to be used for an advertisement for the Aluminum Company of America in 1957. Fast forward to present day and ALCOA don’t exactly have a reputation for conservation of natural resources and are involved in multiple controversies. This led me to thinking about global warming and to sunburnt sunbathers with aluminum reflectors. In this work I appear as a distortion of a badly edited influencer, behind me a void of aluminum, my skin plastic and sunburnt.”