Subbacultcha Collectibles

Collectible #4: Subbacultcha

Today we release collectible number 4. An engraved pencil from us, to you. We hope you use to write down some of your deepest thoughts, your wittiest of wits and your most striking doodles. On either the 8th or the 9th of May, you’ll receive the first batch of collectibles at home, including a poster by Neeltje van der Vlugt, a colouring page by Harmony Club, a bookmark by Kate NV and the pencil by us. Reading, drawing, writing, decorating and a lot more to come.

Subbacultcha Collectibles is a series where we release a weekly dose of exclusive art made by our creative community, that’ll be delivered to the doorstep of Subbacultcha members. Whether it’s a photo print, an unique publication, a set of postcards or a personal artist letter, every Friday we launch an item created by an artist from the Subbacultcha network and at the end of the month we deliver them to your doorstep, for free. We will connect at home, through art.

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