Get Published

A cavernous expanse. A vast, turbulent space; a nebula in waiting. Waiting for what? You, of course.

Sitting at home and feel the need to express? While staring out our own walls and ceilings we were wondering, what’s happening in your condos and your minds?

Nowadays, the world could need a fair share of quarantine recipes, neon-soaked paintings, ecstatic sketches, self-made memes, existential soundscapes, tear-jerking poetry, luminous photographs, psychedelic pottery and love letters to your pets or houseplants. Oh, and don’t let your imagination be slowed down by these examples.

Anyway, wanna get featured and make our online world a little more enjoyable? We mean, we need to right now. Send over your work to with “Get Published” in the subject line.

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❤ Subbacultcha