Bad Feminist Party Playlist by DJ Nèna

DJ Nèna has put together a small selection of tracks she love’s to play whenever she needs some joy and feminist reassurance. She has written some words to help us navigate her tracks and groovy melodies. Catch DJ Nèna serve upbeat tracks that fill the air with inclusive positivity at the Bad Feminist Party on 7 March at Melkweg, Amsterdam.

BADSISTA – Não Encosta Na Minha Brisa

This is a massive hymn that I haven’t stopped listening to in the past year. This will be my summer jam for the rest of my life. 

Riobamba – Inicio

Riobamba released this on her own label APOCALIPSIS. This track is angsty and energetic, it screams ‘endurance’. Besides being an incredible artist, she is also an inspiring activist who does so much work for her community.

La Zowi, Bea Pelea, Florentino – Trafikantes

I’m a fan of Bea Pelea’s sweet romantic reggaeton sound, but ‘Trafikantes’ just oozes BADASSNESS. The gun cock sounds and glass shatter effects might contribute to that. Also, check out the video, because it is one hot Spanish masterpiece.

Chanty OTM – K Dios Te Bendiga (Prod. Evar x Sugar Mist x El Licenciado)

This banger by Chanty On The Mix is such a slow-burning booty shaker. I love how her voice and flow float on the tense beat towards a moment of release: a stripped-down crisp reggaeton drop. Pure satisfaction. Shout out to Daan a.k.a. angelbabi666 for sending me this track.

Nicolette – I am where the party’s at

Don’t know what to tell about Nicolette and her very rich oeuvre, other than that she’s amazing. This is one of my fav’s.

Ivy Queen – La Otra

Listen to Ivy Queen’s versatile and lovely voice, on a solid reggaeton beat accompanied by some strings for that special dramatic effect. She’s an icon.

Giggs – Punani feat. Kyze (Bae Bae Edit)

Bae Bae brought so many vibes to this track. Played this too many times already, but I won’t stop.

Daniel Haaksman – Corpo Sujeito ft. [{“Cibelle”(}] (Kelman Duran Remix)

Here’s one of my most played Kelman Duran edits. This is truly beautiful with loads of soothing energy coming from Cibelle’s voice and words.

Ehua – Ruby

Ehua delivers stinging rhythms over and over again. I love how ‘Ruby’ just drags on until the end.

Mina feat. Lyzza – Meu Jeito

Mina and Lyzza are both insanely good and what they made together here is an instant warm party.

Nan Kolè x DJ Tess feat. NyNy – Gimme Any Riddim

I hope someone in Amsterdam will book DJ Tess soon. Her sound is fresh and bomba. This collaboration with Nan Kolè and MC NyNy makes so much sense to me.


TECH GRL is a true Neo Perreo dream. Her calm way of stating ‘Dale dale duro duro quiero que me des dale duro papi’ on this cute production by RIP TXNY and EL LICENCIADO, makes me wanna dance and flirt around carelessly all night.