Thank You by Boris de Klerk and Olivier Herter

Interview by Emma Smit
Images by Wieke van Rosmalen

Taking a little look and reflecting back at Boris and Olivier’s time at the s105 it’s safe to say they know more about the meaning of time than any of us, right? They conducted research on ‘measurable time’ versus ’emotionally-experienced time’. In other words: clock time versus momentum. Like Monet painted his garden at set times of the day, only to find out how the sun fell on his garden at those hours, and how this inspired him to paint. In this way, Boris and Olivier also wanted to plan all daily activities as tightly as possible. The duo wanted to find out what forms of freedom and what kind of momentum can arise within a process as rigid as this, as well as if this would benefit or obstruct their artistic practices. The answer is both.