A darkened room. Plush, cosy seats. The warm, wafting smell of popcorn. There’s nothing quite like a trip to the cinema. Especially at the Eye Filmmuseum cinema, which boasts an archive of 35mm must-see movies. Every month, Eyeshadow dips into this collection, presenting the screening alongside a performance in the shape of a band, solo artist or DJ. 

  • This is a great event to go alone or with a date. (Although a trip with a friend is also lovely, so it’s a crowd pleaser in every regard!)
  • Following the screening, you get a  free glass of wine, beer or a soft drink.
  • There’s also an engaging short introduction by the Eyeshadow organisers who explain the release history, the quality of the film and its impact.
  • All in all, a deal that can’t be missed.

Eyeshadow triumphs the intersection between cinema and music, charting an evolving relationship of influence and development. The club showcases indie classics from roughly 1990 to the present day alongside a resonate auditory artist.

Mark your calendar for upcoming events!

11 May: Fight Club (1999) is an allegory for repression, mental health and toxic masculinity. Jagd will provide blunt and brutal indie rock. Their sound collides with the force of bare-knuckles; intense whirring baselines and the sharp euphoria of guitars.

15 June: Trainspotting (1996) is a hyper-moving and humorous portrait of four Scottish heroin addicts. Garage band Teddy Hit capture the essence of “Cool Britannia” with their songs for ‘slackers in love.’ Think Ultimate Painting, Weezer or Ty Segall. 

27 July: The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) tells the tragicomedy tale of three prodigal children and their deadbeat father. In his distinctive glided-clockwork aesthetic, Wes Anderson insightfully reflects on the human condition. Duo Feng Suave will transpose the 1970’s vibe and psychedelic soundtrack of the movie.

All editions of Eyeshadow are free for Subbacultcha members <3