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A night backstage with Jerusalem in my Heart

Always wondered what Subbacultcha is like behind curtains? A disposable camera found its way through our backstage before, during and after our ‘Muziekgebouw aan de Ring’ show with Jerusalem in my Heart, discourse and the SoundLAB Group, in collaboration with The Rest is Noise and De School. Catch a glimpse of soundcheck, dinner, and the hours after the show where adrenaline-levels slowly ease down while suitcases are being packed. Behind-the-scenes, under-the-table, the-making-of. We invite you to the impenetrable world of Narnia/Subbacultcha.

17:03 – projector x5

17:06 – hydration & building up

17:30 – luggage

17:31 – hanging stuff

18:23 – goat skin + our heating system

18:44 – Nela cooking curry for artist’s and crew

18:45 – Nela cooking curry for artist’s and crew

19:32 – dinner

19:40 – dinner

20:23 – final rehearsals

23:12 – packing

23:39 – heading home