10 Years Magazine

Isolde Woudstra

To celebrate 10 years of our magazine, we’re publishing works of some key figure from over the years; artists, writers, local talents and more. Join us at 10 Years of Losing Our Edge – Celebrating Subbacultcha Magazine on Friday, 14 September.

Where would we be without Isolde Woudstra’s creative input, her incredible work featured in our magazine for years on end. From €15 Outfit features to local field trips, shooting for interviews to joining artists on tour – she’s produced beautiful documentation of it all. Her work often contrasts subtle surrealistic elements with the bright lit reality of a sudden flash, making seemingly serene portraits reveal an underlying darkness. Here’s a selection of Isolde’s work from over the years ?

The images are from the following features: Killing Time with TR_ST. [The Pilot Issue, March, 2015], Interview with Viet Cong. [The IRL Issue, February, 2015], Lounging with Grimes [The Dream Issue, March 2012], Taking a shower with The Soft Moon [The Doom Issue, June, 2011], Field Trip Home of the Homesick. [Issue 01, Fall 2015], Interview with Tim Koh. [Issue 10, Winter Issue, 2017], Interview with The War On Drugs. [The Art Issue, September, 2014]