Festival Focus

Lente Kabinet

Text by Valkan Dechev

An electrifying spiral of genre-bending tunes, Dekmantel is the source you search for when looking for quality vibes. Amsterdam’s local music powerhouse with global reach curates intoxicating open air concerts and forest dwelling festivals, and throws the darkest of club night parties you can ever wish for. Dekmantel provides an always spine-tingling experience, the pinnacle of which is Het Lente Kabinet.

For this year’s edition of Het Lente Kabinet, Dekmantel comes through with not one, but two whole days of musical bliss. On the weekend of 26-27 May we’ll be venturing to Het Twiske, in Noord Amsterdam, where we’ll find ourselves in the presence of artists in the likes of Kelela, Ben UFO and Hunee. The adventure park will be decorated with intimate venues and 4 main stages, playing host to contemporary electronic music, art and culture. Arm yourself with open ears, a perky mind and a truck of energy (and hopefully some suncream!) But before that, let your senses get a feel of what’s to come through our lineup list of acts we’re impatiently awaiting…

Peaking Lights

DJ duo Peaking Lights might come from the U.S. but their tunes surely don’t fit any Earthly mold. Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes are the masterminds behind the powerhouse that generates psychedelic melodies infused with electronic and pop music references. Peaking Lights do promise a transcendental journey, with a non-guaranteed end-point that even further intensifies their music’s transversal essence.


Utrecht’s princess of genre-twists and energetically charged DJ sets that make you drip on the dance floor will soon need no introduction. Carista’s kaleidoscopic amalgam of talents ranges from her bravely wild mixes of hiphop, soul, disco and house to a head-position at United Identities label and her own shows with Red Light Radio and NTS Radio. We can assure you her set at Lente Kabinet will be a beautiful and diverse collision of tunes, dance movies, identities.

Essaie Pas

Montreal duo Essaie Pas literally make music-devouring hearts pulsate at unprecedented rates. Rhythmic electronic beats mix with futuristically experimental tunes and atmospheric ambiance to produce an effect of instant rush and long-lasting buzz. We can’t recommend Essaie Pas highly enough, and you must not let this one slip your festival agenda!

Sassy J

Hmm…how do we introduce someone that refuses firm definitions of talent and identity. We can try and say that Sassy J is a DJ that masterfully blends psychedelic house with jazzy tunes, disco and soul, yet this Swiss super-human is also a clothe-maker, part-time teacher and occasional flyer-designer. Such vivid colorfulness shows lucidly throughout Sassy J’s sets and fits seamlessly with the festival’s dreamily intimate yet vibrant atmosphere.


Mozghan seems to operate from another world. The San Francisco-based DJ curates an uncanny valley of cold wave, minimal synth, industrial techno and a pinch of disco tunes, with the artistry of the mixes rippling genre definitions and club-experience expectations. If you want your vibe taken to an extraterrestrial level, make sure to drop by for Mozghan’s set.

Het Lente Kabinet takes place during the weekend of 26-27 May at Het Twiske. For more information and full lineup, head here