Grooms vs. Spirit Valley

We’ve teamed up with the good fellows from Geertruida to present a night with two rockin’ bands – Brooklyn’s indie legends, Grooms, and Amsterdam’s Fuzz Club signees Spirit Valley. Curious as to what’s been coming out of their music devices recently, we asked both bands to select a few tunes. Here’s what Travis from Grooms and Dave from Spirit Valley sent our way. Dig in, and see you on 19 April at s105.


1. Azita – Wasn’t in the Bargain

I wish more people knew about Azita. I heard this when I was young and the weird-but-still-smooth chord changes made a huge impact on me. I love the lyrics too. “I have seen the light, terrible like a king.”

2. Enon – Diamond Raft

Another album that I listened to a lot as a kid. Perfectly haunting last song. Really murky synth or guitar, can’t tell. I love it.

3. Laurel Halo – Light + Space

This isn’t my favorite song on this album (that’s “Carcass”) but I couldn’t find that one streaming anywhere. But this one is really beautiful. Quarantine is a pretty intense album and this one is like the salve at the end.

4. Broadcast – Unchanging Window/Chord Simple

This is an alternate version of one of my favorite Broadcast songs. It’s a lot longer and, I guess, more busy, less creeping than the normal version. The guitar is really comforting to me, for whatever reason.

5. L’Trimm – Cars with the Boom

Such a classic from the Miami bass world. I wish someone would revive this sound and do cool new stuff with it. I don’t think it has to sound dated. It never got its big mainstream moment like it should have.

Spirit Valley

1. NUN – Envoke The Sleep

Coldwave/postpunk from Melbourne, couldn’t stop listening to this album when it came out in 2014. Was around the same time we started getting into synths/electronic gear so i guess it was probably influenced a strong of how we wanted to use it.

2. Light Asylum – Dark Allies

This track makes me run red lights on my oma fiets and it has become problematic.

3. Neon Lies -The Day they Built A Wall

Minimalist post-punk/noise track from a recent tape purchase from German label Black Verb Records. Bought 5 tapes off them and they’re all amazing, but this seems to have crept into high rotation.

4. John Maus – The Combine

Relentlessly spiraling track about a combine harvester/the end of the world as we know it. Opener from the 2017 album Screen Memories – which is getting a constant thrashing at the moment.

5. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Memorymix

This is the album where I realised I have to stop ripping off BJM’s old shit and start ripping off their new shit.

Don’t miss Grooms + Spirit Valley at s105 on 19 April.