Subbacultcha Magazine – Issue 11




It’s spring 2018 and there’s a lot going on. Sequins are back, Instagram stories have us hooked and a detrimental political climate have got even the least engaged of us to open our eyes.

With big questions on our mind, it can be easy to overlook the details, the small moments that tell all; a crack in the wall as a measure of time passed, a photographed chair as an emblem of change, a glimmer of future’s bright.

We can all find comfort in strange places and agency in small acts. In Issue 11, we asked some of our favourite artists to share where they find theirs. We find out how Laurel Halo uses writing to focus her monkey mind, discover how Hungarian choirs inspire Sassy 009 and find out how Detroit lets loose at karaoke nights.

Beyond the noise of it all, we think we’re on to something. Understanding subtleties of music language, carrying parabolic crystals and making a move to challenge yourself – the devil is in the detail, honey. Keep your eye on it.

Editor in chief: Roxy Merrell

Design and art direction: Tjade Bouma

Printed by Damen Drukkers

Spring 2018

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