Subbacultcha Magazine – Issue 10


The truth may be out there, but in a fast-paced and ever-changing world, a moment of introspection can be critical. We’ve made it a habit to round up each year with an inward perspective – supporting our Local Area Network. That’s what sparked Subbacultcha into existence to start with. Local bands, friends, friends of friends, ‘you-really-can’t-miss-this-show-tonight’ kind of conversations.

Over a decade later, with an international scope to swoon over, we readjust our spotlight to shine on local talent. The pages dedicated to our upcoming L.A.N. Party are overflowing with just that – filled with photographers, writers, organizations and artists that keep pushing boundaries and making great music.

Local and beyond, we sense a growing antagonism, a relentless critique of insincere ‘progressiveness’, an attitude very apt for our times. The impact of streaming music, the lingering consequence of systemic power dynamics and the need for change – it’s on all of us to remain critical, equally so on ourselves, in order to constantly evolve and sometimes, to stay the same. Listen to the whole album. Be inspired by unexpected sounds. Take note, take moments, check in, tune out.

Editor in chief: Roxy Merrell
Design and art direction: Tjade Bouma
Design of L.A.N. Party section: Lin Ven
Printed by GEWADRUPO
Winter 2017

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