Premiere: WORLD BRAIN – Made U Cry

Who is WORLD BRAIN? What can we expect from this mysterious new entry? How does it sound like? The only thing we know is the fact that WORLD BRAIN is the new solo project of Lucas, Fenster’s French guitarist. Let’s try to unravel the mystery together: what WORLD and BRAIN have in common is the fact that they both unify sounds, people, and stimuli. They interact with each other on a daily basis: what’s around us merges or collides with what we are inside. WORLD BRAIN is all of this: it’s pop, synth, guitar, and more. It’s about love, the internet, and what’s around us stimulating our brain to make our body swing to the rhythm of Lucas’ sounds. While the album is still a mystery, today WORLD BRAIN is ready to kick off debuting worldwide the single ‘Made U Cry’ from the upcoming EP, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from it. ‘Listening to WORLD BRAIN is like wearing new underwear for the first time’: It’s unknown but it feels nice, right?

WORLD BRAIN will play on November 10 at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam and on November 11 for Subbacultcha + Kapitaal <3 Le Mini Who?, in Utrecht.