5 x 2 passe-partouts
18 & 19 October, Amsterdam

Surprise, surprise! We’re back with a new present for new member signups. This time around the treat is to one of the most exciting festivals during the well-known Amsterdam Dance Event week. On October 18 and 19, ADE LIVE celebrates its second year of existence, inviting a group of 23 international artists to perform. New international names within the club scene will perform side to side with well-known ones. Think Fatima Yamaha and Hercules and Love Affair, among others. The festival differentiates itself from any other event during the week, giving a well-deserved spot to live electronic music. ADE LIVE has teamed up with three topnotch venues in the heart of Amsterdam: Paradiso Amsterdam, Melkweg Amsterdam, and Sugarfactory.

For the occasion, we’ve prepared 5 x 2 passe-partouts that allow you to enjoy both days in all the three venues. How? Sign up to become a member. Don’t forget to check out ADE LIVE’s program to organise your festival experience to the fullest enjoyment and see our ADE Live Festival Focus for excellent tips.

Fatima Yamaha

Anna of the North