Elias El Gersma

Our favorite wunderkind from Friesland is back with ‘Why Our Hearts Are With God’ and we anticipate his new EP1 out on August 18 under his Purple Noise Records label. You know the psych-pop of our beloved Yuko Yuko? Or the post-punk of The Homesick? This time the multitalented Elias El Gersma conquers the scene with a solo project accompanied only by his cool keyboard. The new single’s spacey and nostalgic aura wrap sound that’ll never get old, with an added touch of Elias’ own ‘friestyle’. Although ‘WE DON’T KNOW WHY WE’RE FEALING PAIN’, what we’re sure of is that the new EP’s gonna take us to a dreamy place somewhere between past and the future. He may be visiting us again real soon, but ’till that time comes, enjoy the video below or plunge into the whole thing here