Swan Meat & Yoshitaka Hikawa – & wrench aught of death (ft. djh)

Like an undulating pile of lampreys or the prospect of writing a bad simile, the music of Swan Meat and Yoshitaka Hikawa inspires a particularly visceral brand of anxiety. djh-assisted ‘& wrench aught of death’ works like a song-length shudder, exposing your own particular set of fears and flaws and clamping onto them without regard for how well your day was going. The song, with its foreboding build and spine-tingling, spidery ‘drop’, brings to mind… bad things, things you don’t want to see but can’t tear your eyes away from. It’s rust gathering on a blood-flecked hacksaw. It’s jaundiced, corrupt. It’s available as of today on an EP titled KNIFE SPLITS ICEvia Apothecary Compositions. Go get it – sometimes fear needs facing.