In Your Space

Nikki Hock

What’s it like in an artist’s space? How do various artists prepare their particular work? What does their work environment hold within, and what does it mean to an artist? Curiosity is a beautiful thing, and we’re here to satisfy yours. This month we visited the studio space of Nikki Hock, an Amsterdam-based light and performance artist who sculpts spaces and environment, through which he tries to influence the perception of its’ spectator. Don’t be shy and experience it for yourself next Tuesday, 30 May at De School, Amsterdam.

Full name: Nikki Hock
Profession: Light and performance artist
Website: /

Why light & performance?

Light and color have always been an obsession of mine. I attended the Mime school (no, not those guys who pretend to be stuck in a box) because of the focus on the tangible, the physical experience. Light, color, space and time are essential to my work. Over the course of the past years I started using sensory elements as an instrument to address the spectators and guide them through my immersive space.

What’s been keeping you busy?

For quite a while I have been working on my performance based installation Why, Why ohh why (YYOY), the first part of a trilogy dealing with the pillars of modern citizenship. Now that I’ve had the premiere last weekend, I’m still developing the work with my own recent experience. Also, I want to focus on finding new ways to shape my practice as an artist. I just read an article on XLR8R by Machinedrum on studio efficiency. I’m not so much into the spiritual part, but it made me realize the importance of creating head-space and to make your day as effective as possible. Creating the right daily routines to discipline myself and to make sure I don’t just drown myself in my computer, but also be aware of outside reality.

Tell us about your space.

I’m really lucky with my current studio. When I graduated three years ago, I received the 3PackageDeal, and the studio was part of this talent development programme. I’ve made a custom arrangement for my tools and equipment – which I’m a huge sucker for – exactly how I want it, where I want it. The location, the spaciousness, the light, the arrangement; it’s home.

Don’t miss Nikki’s performance Why, Why ohh why on Tuesday, 30 at De School, Amsterdam together with performer Marijn Brussaard, with Torus and Woody providing music on decks in the inner garden. All photo credits go to Blitzkickers.