The Mauskovic Dance Band

Interview by Maija Jussila
Photos shot by Verena Blok in Haarlem

Following a couple of years of unwavering devotion to both Jacco Gardner and Eerie Wanda, Nicola Niggebrugge stepped out from behind the drum-kit, swaying along to a different beat. The skies clear out, afro-colombian cumbia breezes in – The Mauskovic Dance band has one goal, and that is to make people dance.

The days are getting shorter, rainier and colder over here. You can fly to anywhere in the world – what’s your destination?

I really like the vibes of the seventies

Lisbon for sure! There’s such a cool blend of cultures and I love the music that comes from their former colonies (Cape Verde, Brazil, Angola). There are a lot of dance nights with music from those former colonies. In some ways it’s pretty sketchy and unorganized, which makes it kind of the opposite of Amsterdam. Also, a good friend of mine lives there.

Who’s coming with?

I like to travel alone, I guess. No attachments and I don’t have to worry what the other person wants. That, or I will take my mother because it’s been awhile since she went on a holiday and she would like Lisbon for sure.

Turns out you can choose whichever era, too. What’s the year you find yourself in?

The 70’s. I really like the vibes of that time, the way the music sounds and the way people dress and disco of course. On the other hand, I think Lisbon wasn’t a good place to be in the ‘70s, politically.

I like to travel alone, I guess

The first sip of something refreshing will be a?

Super Bock Portuguese beer. Not really nice beer but pretty cheap.

To the beat of?

Some Angolan rhumba record, bought at the market near my friend’s house.

Describe your immediate surroundings.

Broken streets and houses, which some of them look like they are gonna fall apart at any moment. Some cars parked in the tiny street in front of my friend’s house; you can barely open the door. The chaotic studio/room of my friend where we spend time fooling around with the half broken equipment we have to make tunes.

A week has passed. You’re starting to feel?

A bit lazy. Everything is so cheap, you spend a lot of hours drinking, eating outside and sitting in the sun.

Haarlem’s calling, you gotta return to?

The rain, Albert Heijn, and to try and make some money again.

By chance, your favorite local act are playing tonight at your local venue. They are:

La Banda Fantastica in the Maloe Melo!

The Mauskovic Dance Band play L.A.N. Party this Friday, 23 December at Melkweg Cinema at 22.15. Support your Local Area Network.