Subbacultcha Radio 106

On Monday evening we turned on our live-streams, turned up the volume and watched as Carly Blair did her thing in that stirring booth of Red Light Radio. As tribute to the broad scope of incredible Dutch acts this country holds within, the whole hour was dedicated to homegrown produce. Many of ’em will be playing at L.A.N. Party, so come join us in support of the Local Area Network next Friday, 23 December at Melkweg. Amsterdam.

1. Bonne Aparte – Aged
2. Iguana Death Cult – Sirens (Play at L.A.N. Party)
3. Venus Tropicaux – Euphoria (Play at L.A.N. Party)
4. Apneu – Siobhan
5. Mich – Gotherdammerung (Play at L.A.N. Party)
6. Bombay – Dolly Doesn’t Want to Face the Facts
7. Niek Hilkmann – Collie
8. Delage AKA Loverboy Beatface – Call Me
9. Idiott Smith – Friends (Play at L.A.N. Party)
10. Ohslo – Streets (Play at L.A.N. Party)
11. Sevdaliza – That Other Girl (Play at L.A.N. Party)
12. BEA1991 – We’re Like the Hard Born (Play at L.A.N. Party)
13. The Fire Harvest – Singers
14. Spinvis – Voor ik Vergeet
15. The Avonden – Nachtschade
16. Sterk Water – Die tijd is voorbij