Hey you! Yeah you – I bet you think you’re real musically desensitised, don’tcha? Thought you’d gone just about as far as it could get when you made that harrowing af Merzbow x Seinfeld blend didn’t ya? Well guess what – the rabbit hole goes much, much deeper, and we have a lil’ audio premiere on deck to show you the way. It’s called ‘Animus1’, it’s two-and-a-half minutes long, and in that span of time I guarantee it’ll purge you more effectively than the best enema money can buy.

It’s nasty, baby. It’s a vile, roiling tapestry of sonic detritus and haunted ASMR, coming off like some shapeshifting demonic heckspawn with really bad intentions worming its gloopy, serrated tendrils into your ear. And as is invariably the case in that scenario, a Butthole Surfers sample closes off the ordeal/experience, leaving you with the slightest hint of a smile on your face as you huddle, fully-clothed, under your shower’s cold, cleansing stream. Scrub all you want, listener – trauma doesn’t wash off. Nonetheless, congratulations are in order – you just survived track one of SWAN MEAT’s upcoming and thoroughly squalid EP Bounty – out 19 December via Parisian label/movement PERMALNK. Sate your masochistic urges and pre-order it right this second.