Tangerine Screening

2x2 tickets to premiere of Tangerine
Monday, 16 May at LAB111, Amsterdam

Dear members,

You ready for some free stuff? Well you’re in luck because we’re giving you the chance to win some tickets for the Amsterdam premiere of the critically acclaimed film, Tangerine, at LAB111. The film, which tells the story of a working-girl who searches for a pimp that broke her heart during Christmas eve, may sound deceptively simple but look beyond it’s narrative restraint and you’ll find a film that’s bursting with cinematographic originality. Shot on-location in Los Angeles using three different iPhones, Tangerine radically alters our prescribed notions of film-making by demonstrating what can be achieved on a shoe-string budget. The aesthetics are loud, brash and unashamedly plastic, crafting a vividly cinematic world that’s just as colourful as the characters which inhabit it.

For your chance to win, please send us an email at with ‘TANGERINE’, in the subject before 12.00 on Thursday, 12 May, and we’ll send you and a friend on your way to the Amsterdam premiere of Tangerine.