Premiere: Snakehole – Unseamed

Miami duo Snakehole unleashes a loud noise jam on their new s/t 12” EP, of which we premiere the track Unseamed.
Edging between punk, doom and noise – with KC’s frantic drumming and Autumn’s heavy deconstructed guitars, Snakehole is hard to put in any particular category.

What they might lack in structure they make up for with their relentless raging and untamed chain of reactions. The whole record is a fast-paced screaming and wailing about animals and love, where the occasional interruption of a doomy piano by no means allows for a breath of air. Unseamed, it seems, is actually a pretty accurate description of their sound.

The duo is pictured on their album cover as a witchy yin yang – a nice analogy for their natural complementary dynamic, where the two only really make sense as a whole.

The s/t 12″ EP is out 30 October on Wharf Cat Records, a label that is determined to freak people out by releasing some of the most loud and abrasive music they can find. We, for one, much appreciate their efforts. And as is true for a lot of their releases, Snakehole’s upcoming EP sounds very close to the band’s live show – it’s another one to successfully hurt our ears and make us sweat, in the best way possible.

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